You want to do something different for Christmas folks? Well here you go! Branson Murder Mystery Dinner Theater presents our 2018 Christmas Show “MURDER  BY  EGGNOG” and gives Branson a hilariously live dinner theater experience this Christmas! “Murder by Eggnog”, takes place in Branson somewhere around 1898. Talk about an old fashion Christmas! Everyone is getting ready the Christmas Pageant when suddenly there is a mysterious death. This is where the story and the insanity, begins!
With the action being played out right where audience members are seated at their tables, it’s easy to be a happy observer, or you can volunteer as a guest actor. Not only does this show have an exceptional cast, they fill more than 12 roles with members of the audience; how fun is that, folks! Now that’s real interactive theater! You have the opportunity to jump in on the action, or simply enjoy everyone else in their new role in the show! You follow the clues and you get a chance to solve the murder. It’s a real “Who Dun It”.
Wait…there’s dinner, too? Sure! Dinner, Wild West Comedy hi-jinks, the chance to hone your acting skills; Christmas singin and carolin, and it’s all wrapped up in one zany, crazy Christmas Show –  Murder by Eggnog